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Austrian Clarinet Choir

Nico Polka, J. Strauss

Austrian Clarinet Choir

The Austrian Clarinet Choir was founded in the autumn of 2007 at the Clarinet Congress in Mautern.

The program from the Clarinet Choir is a varied and fascinating panorama of arrangements and original compositions for clarinet choir, drawing on the classics and the baroque and romantic period, as well as including a small, interesting cross-section of popular and contemporary music.

We also have for some time past a wonderful vocal artist in addition. The musicians who made up from throughout Austria first met in the autumn of 2007 on the occasion of the International Clarinet Congress in Mautern in Styria. The performers enjoyed their rehearsals and concerts so much that they decided to work together on a project basis.

Listeners have deemed our performances unconventional, enjoyable, perfect and attention-grabbing. The Austrian clarinet choir feels at home just about anywhere.

Great Performances

One of the greatest concerts were the performances at I.C.A. ClarinetFests in Assisi 2013, 2015 in Madrid and 2018 in Ostend. It was a very great experience for the Austrian clarinet choir and we had successful peformances. We also had in addition a wonderful vocal artist as soloist for the famous song "Habanera" from Carmen.

Other famous concerts in the last few years was the 2012 attendance at the "Mideurope" in Schladming (MID EUROPE is one of the most important international festivals for wind bands, and proudly presents an enormous stylistic variety of the highest quality).

End of June 2014 we had a workshop and concert with the well-known clarinettist and composer Prof. Matthias Müller (Vice-President from the ECA) from Switzerland. We performed among others his much-noticed composition "Klezmertango", featuring Matthias as Soloist.

The Austrian clarinet choir has performed in the recent years many concerts at important concert halls in Austria and gave also first performances from temporary music.



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