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Clarinet Ensemble Woodwind


The Ensemble-Woodwind (music for five clarinets) was founded in the autumn of 2001 in Mautern/Styria. Awards in national competitions - including Austria and Liechtenstein.

The programme from the Ensemble is a varied and fascinating panorama of arrangements and original compositions for clarinet quintet, drawing on the classics and the baroque and romantic period, as well as including a small, interesting cross-section of swing and contemporary music.

The musicians who make up Ensemble-Woodwind first met in the autumn of 2001 on the occasion of the National Competition for Wind Ensembles.

The performers enjoyed their rehearsals and concerts so much that they decided to work together on a permanent basis. Listeners have deemed our performances unconventional, enjoyable, perfect and attention-grabbing. "Ensemble Woodwind - Music for five clarinets" feels at home just about anywhere.

The last official concert was in the month of August 2014!

"Austrian Clarinets" refounding beginning in 2014



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