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Clarinet Choir Uni Medellin (EAFIT), Columbia, March 2016

Concert at the ICA Clarinetfest in Assisi, July 2013

Austrian Clarinet Choir, Assisi, Italy 2013

uni portland

Lecture at Portland State University, USA, April 2014                 Lecture at University of Florida, April 2015

estrin pfatschbacher

Profs. M. Estrin & Dr. F. Pfatschbacher, Uni Florida 2015               Lecture at the ClarinetFest Madrid 2015

Workshop at the Uni Medellin, Columbia, March 2016

Lecture at the Uni Medellin, Columbia, March 2016

Rehearsal with Javier Vinasco

Clarinetist Dr. Friedrich Pfatschbacher is director of music and teacher for Clarinet at the Mautern Music School. He has performed regularly as a soloist and in chamber ensembles, and has previously taught at the academic music high school in Admont in Styria.

He was conductor of the Wind and Big Band Mautern over a number of years. Clarinet soloist with the Wind Band Donawitz/Styria since 2003.

Studied clarinet under Professor Alfred Rosé (Vienna Symphony Orchestra) at the Graz College of Music. Postgraduate Studies (1999-2004) "Musicology" with Univ. Profs. Drs. Wolfgang Suppan and Peter Revers at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Graduation Doctor of Philosophy. Author of the book "The clarinet choir" (Der Klarinettenchor), published 2005.

Founder and director of the Clarinet Ensemble Woodwind (2001-2014) and current newly founded Austrian Clarinets 2014.

Participation at the National Competition for Wind and Percussion Ensembles 2002 with excellent success (concert tours in China, North-Africa, and different countries in Europe).

Since 2006 Founder and President of the Austrian Clarinet Society. Since 2007 Chief Conductor of the Austrian Clarinet Choir (2013 concert in Assisi/Italy at the Clarinetfest  contribute to the I.C.A.) and 2012 national chairperson for the I.C.A. (International Clarinet Association).

2013 he was appointed professor from the President of Austria. Since many years he gives lectures and hold (clarinet choir) workshops, masterclasses at home and since 2013 also abroad (Italy, Spain, USA ...).

Abstract of a Clarinet Choir Workshop

Clarinetist Professor Friedrich Pfatschbacher, a regular performer in chamber ensembles in Austria, founder and chief conductor of the Austrian Clarinet Choir (Austrian Clarinet Society), soloist and teacher, directs the Clarinet Choir Workshop and provides a collaborative yet challenging atmosphere for learning where participants will explore clarinet techniques, repertoire, and musical styles (typical Viennese school - Wiener Schule) and other related information...

Finally students give a public performance of the musical works they learned at the clarinet choir weekend...

Prof. Pfatschbacher will also give a lecture on "The History of the clarinet choir"

Professor Pfatschbacher wants to show up the historical development of the clarinet choir which is on view in close contact with the large clarinet register in the military and professional orchestra in Europe as well as in the Colleges and High School Bands in the U.S.A.

With the development of the Bb Contra-Bass Clarinet, as well as the improvement of the Eb Alto and Bb Bass Clarinets, the Fully Balanced Clarinet Choir, at last, becomes a practical reality. The lecturer is trying also to explain the context with the functionality and development of the clarinet choir in the USA and Japan. Pfatschbacher cited in this context Alfred Reed: "I would say that this type of performing organization exists largely in the educational area: schools, colleges and universities, much the same as in the U.S. "

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