MSDir. Prof. Mag. Dr. Friedrich Pfatschbacher

Friedrich K. Pfatschbacher is a musician with specific interests in performance, education, lecturing as well as clarinet choir workshops. He studied clarinet under Professor Alfred Rosé (Vienna Symphony Orchestra) at the Graz College of Music. Postgraduate Studies (1999-2004) "Musicology" with Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Suppan at the Graz University. Graduation "Doctor of Philosophy.

Clarinet soloist with the Wind Band Donawitz/Styria since 2003. Director of Music and Teacher for Clarinet at the Mautern Music School. Participation at the National Competition for Wind and Percussion Ensembles 2002 with excellent success. He has performed regularly as a soloist and in chamber ensembles.

Dr. Pfatschbacher is active in several professional organizations and ensembles: Founder of the Clarinet Ensemble "Woodwind". Since 2006 Founder and President of the Austrian Clarinet Society. Since 2007 Chief Conductor of the Austrian Clarinet Choir.

Dr. Pfatschbacher is Austria´s National Chairperson for the International Clarinet Association (I.C.A.) for whom he regularly play with his ensembles Austrian Clarinet Choir and Austrian Clarinets (quintet), feat. voice at the I.C.A. Clarinet festivals in Europe and in the U.S.A.

2013 he was appointed professor from the President of Austria. Since many years he gives lectures and hold (clarinet choir) workshops at home and since 2013 also abroad Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary), USA, South America, Australia ...

In 2018 Prof. Pfatschbacher assumed the position of European Chair for the I.C.A.



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